Starfield – More New Images Have Leaked Online


Though we haven’t seen much (or anything) of Starfield since its official announcement trailer (which also didn’t show any gameplay), the last couple of years have been dotted by leaks of images from the game. Now, another new batch has leaked.

Like previously leaked images, it seems this new batch is also from a 2018 build of the game. Several things are showcased, with the primary focus being on exterior shots of what looks like a space station, and some UI elements (that have been shown in previously leaked images as well) also present on-screen. You can check out all the images over on Reddit.

While there haven’t been any gameplay showings of Starfield yet, Bethesda has been sharing several gameplay and lore details and behind-the-scenes videos at a regular clip. The developer has previously said that the sci-fi RPG will finally be shown off this summer, which will probably align with Microsoft’s rumoured E3-style showcase in June (especially with E3 2022 having been cancelled officially).

Starfield is due out on November 11 for Xbox Series X/S and PC. Games get delayed all the time, of course, especially these days, but Bethesda seems confident that its upcoming RPG will launch as planned.

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