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Sky Hotel isn’t a game about letting clouds have a bed for the night. Although that would be cool. Instead it sees you building a tower packed with rooms, attractions and businesses. You need to keep on top of everything to ensure your guests are having the best stay.

That can be pretty overwhelming sometimes, especially at the start of the game, so we thought it’d be a good idea to help you out and write up a guide. Here you’re going to find the strategies we’ve used to get the most out of our time playing Sky Hotel. Hopefully they’re going to help you out some as well.

Whether you’re just welcoming your first guest or you’ve already built a spa and a restaurant, you’re going to find something here that’ll take your holiday accommodation to the next level. So let’s get on with it – here are the best hints, tips and cheats for Sky Hotel.

Keep Adding

Keep building up your hotel. Whether that’s sticking on new floors or adding new stations or rooms to the ones you’ve already built. The more you have, the more you’re going to earn. It can be a grind early on but stick with it and keep growing and you’ll soon see the cash starting to flow.

Hire quickly

Another thing you need to do early in the game is to start hiring workers. Whether it’s porters to take guests to their rooms or assistants on the commercial floors who’ll make sure the customers are getting what they need. You need to be making money even when you’re not there.

Mix up your spaces

Keep your floors mixed, putting a commercial floor above a residential one and vice versa. It might make talking guests to their rooms a little annoying sometimes, but it also means you’re not going to neglect picking up cash and dropping in to check on how the other parts of your business are going.

Stay on the move

To that end, it’s important that you stay on the move. Work your way from the bottom of your hotel to the top and back again regularly, picking up cash and paying attention to what needs to be done along the way. Don’t use the elevator either – walk the floors and find out what’s what.

Watch the videos?

There are plenty of chances to watch videos to unlock new things – a lot of your staff, for example, are hidden behind videos. Sometimes you’re just going to have to grit your teeth and watch the advert – especially early on in the game. The videos can really help out, so use them wisely.

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