Puff Up Hints, Tips and Cheats – Blow up Your Balloons Brilliantly

Puff Up is an action puzzler that sees you puffing up balloons to try and break a rope. Obviously there are other things in the way – like spikes that will burst your growing balloons and obstacles that are going to hinder their progress. 

It’s not exactly a challenging experience, but it can get tricky from time to time if you’re unsure of your next move. And so we’ve written this guide to try and make sure that doesn’t happen to you. Use these strategies and you’ll be puffing it up with the best of them in no time flat. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re about to puff up your first balloon or you’ve already become an old hand at it – there’s going to be something here to take your skills to the next level. These are the best hints, tips and cheats for Puff Up. 

Check the numbers

The first thing you should do on every level is check what’s expected of you. The number at the top of the screen will show you the number you need to complete the level and how many moves you have to reach it. Take a moment and think about how you might achieve that. 

Watch the spikes

Keep a close eye on the bouncing spikes at all times. Watch their patterns and try and exploit the space they leave you and the time you have. Spikes will only hurt balloons that are being blown up, so if one does get too close for comfort make sure you lift your finger as quickly as you can.

Don’t trap yourself

Sometimes the extra obstacles on a level can leave you in a tricky situation if you’re not paying attention. They take up space and you might find yourself trapped by them if you make a balloon that’s too big to get past them. Always think about the space you have and how you can best exploit it. 

Use your balloons

You can use puffed up balloons to trap the spikes and give yourself some respite. It’s not always easy, but if you see a chance to do it you should always take it. A stuck spike means less to worry about, and leaves you free to focus on clearing the level.

Get the extra stars?

You can watch a video at the end of a level to increase the number of stars you get for finishing. These simply move you up the leaderboard, which we’re pretty sure isn’t actually a real leaderboard. Ignore the videos and just keep playing instead. 

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