Moviedle is a Wordle-like that condenses a movie down to a single second

I continue to play Framed every day, a browser quiz in which you attempt to guess a movie based on an image from the film. Get it wrong and it shows you another image, and so on.

The terribly named Moviedle does something different. The aim, again, is to identify a movie, but instead of a single frame, it squeezes the entire movie into a single second. Get it wrong and you get a two-second version, and so on.

In some senses, this makes it much easier than Framed. Instead of guessing the movie based on a single image, you’re given a bunch of images on your very first guess. In some other senses, it’s much harder, because those images whoosh past faster than your brain can really register them.

What stands out at that speed? Not much. You’ll probably be left with a mental image of the protagonist, a couple of bits of scenery, and some sense of the time period the movie was made. “Period clothing, Hugh Jackman, a red curtain? Oh, that was The Greatest Showman.” “Ben Stiller in a leather jacket? Meet The Parents?” Nope. Watch it again and the practically lackadaisical two second pace will reveal Ben Stiller was actually Nicolas Cage.

All of this obviously places Moviedle within the Wordlesphere. It has many features in common with its inspiration, including that it runs in your browser, it’s free, there’s a new puzzle every day, and you have six guesses before it’s game over. Two key differences are that it lacks decent sharing options for results on PC, and that you can play any prior day’s challenge by hitting the calendar in the top right.

I don’t yet know whether this will join the frighteningly long number of Wordlelikes I play each day, but if you like movie trivia, give Moviedle a go now. I got today in 1.

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