Christopher Lloyd to Star in Movie Based On Spirit Halloween Store

Back to the Future’s Christopher Lloyd is returning to the big screen this fall in a new movie about, of all things, the costume and prop store, Sprit Halloween.

Variety reports that Lloyd will star alongside She’s All That’s Rachael Leigh Cook and El Camino’s Marla Gibbs. The rest of the cast includes Donavan Colan, Dylan Frankel, Jaiden Smith, and Marissa Reyes. Production has already wrapped, with the movie set to release this October.

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The movie, appropriately titled Spirit Halloween, features a new Sprit Halloween store popping up in a deserted strip mall (much like how they seem to crop up in the real world), causing three middle-school friends to challenge themselves to spend Halloween night locked in the store. However, the building is haunted by a spirit who possesses the animatronic characters in the store.

First-time director David Poag is helming the project, with the screenplay provided by Billie Bates. Strike Back Studios is producing the film, with an official promotional partnership with Spirit Halloween.

Shows and movies based on real-world toys and stores are hot right now. In fact, earlier today we got more casting news for the Barbie movie. Beyond that, we know Randall Park is set to star in a Netflix series taking place in the last surviving Blockbuster.

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