Browser Gaming Platform Game Hollywood Games Is Holding Easter Events in Survivor Legacy, Dragon Awaken, and More

Easter is a time for holy worship, irresponsible levels of chocolate egg consumption, and claiming a ton of freebies and events on Game Hollywood’s recently launched browser gaming platform.

These events are taking place across a number of different titles, so you’re bound to have a treat in store whatever your favorite genre or franchise. 

Let’s dive right in. 

Survivor Legacy

Survivor Legacy is holding a short but sweet event between April 15th and April 18th. During this window you’ll be able to enjoy benefits from the Surprise Offer event after recharge, meaning more rewards for Easter. 

Survivor Legacy, of course, is a sprawling strategy game set during a zombie apocalypse. It sees you building a stronghold, collecting resources, training soldiers, recruiting heroes, defeating human opponents, and mowing down zombies in their thousands. 

Dragon Awaken

Between April 17th and April 22nd you’ll be able to claim all manner of prizes and rewards through daily sign-ins and other events, before exchanging them for exclusive items. 

You’ll also be able to pick up a new mount called Mr. Rabbit, and a new fashion set called Rabbit Party, just to get you in the Easter spirit. 

In case you’ve never played it, Dragon Awaken is a visually impressive MMORPG. It sees you accidentally acquiring the power of a dragon and then setting out as a freshly minted member of the Dragon Knights Order to take on mythological opponents in a variety of modes. 

Last year Dragon Awaken received a whole new innovative card system, and it’s set to get another overhaul later when it gets converted to HTML5. 

Eternal Fury

The Eternal Fury Easter event will run from April 15th to April 20th. Once again there will be a daily sign-in event, as well as a special Easter Wheel, where you can win loot to exchange for prizes. 

These include a whole new hero called Wind Goddess. 

Eternal Fury is one of the most popular titles on Game Hollywood Games. This slick turn-based RPG combines SLG and classic gameplay elements, allowing you to choose a class, summon mercenaries, awaken skills, and take part in PvP battles. 

Later this year Eternal Fury will add a few more languages to its repertoire, with French coming this month, Polish due to arrive in July, and Portuguese arriving this winter. German, meanwhile, is already available.

Scarlet Fate

Scarlet Fate is getting a brief event from April 16th to April 19th. Throughout those days you’ll be able to spin the Easter Wheel for a chance to snag a range of limited edition items, including a Crystal, a Dragon Egg, a Pet Egg, and Charming Bunny Judith. 

For the uninitiated, Scarlet Fate – Knights of Fantasy is an idle RPG boasting a large and colorful cast of characters. It takes place in a fantasy world governed by three competing forces: Human, Demon, and Demi-Human. 

These character types all have their own attributes and skills, giving you plenty to scratch your head over as you assemble them into lethal squads. 

Omega Zodiac

The Omega Zodiac Easter celebrations will run from April 16th to April 22nd, giving you the opportunity to acquire powerful new gear through daily logins and a special time-limited draw. 

Omega Zodiac is another MMORPG with stunning 3D graphics. It sees you choosing a character and then protecting the Goddess Athena from evil forces. There are several different characters to play with, and you can switch and cast their skills at will during battles, opening up a huge number of tactical possibilities. 

On top of all these offers, there are Easter riddles to solve on Game Hollywood Games’s Discord channels. These will run from the 11th until the 17th of April, giving you the chance to win gift codes – as long as you can submit the correct answer within five minutes.

Head to Game Hollywood Games to check it out.

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