AMD’s high-performance motherboard chipsets might be built out of chiplets

Along with rumours that AMD’s Zen 4 will launch exclusively supporting DDR5, motherboard manufacturers have also said that AMD is moving over to a chiplet design for its next-gen motherboards chips. AMD famously moved over to a chiplet design with its Zen 2 architecture, where it placed 7nm CPU chiplets alongside a 14nm I/O hub die, but a dual-chiplet motherboard chipset is a different beast entirely.

AMD works with ASMedia to design its motherboard chipsets, and it appears that it will only be the top-end X670 chipset which will use the dual-chiplet design. Apparently, both chiplets are identical (according to Tom’s Hardware), but by doubling them up the X670 can offer twice the throughput and connectivity of the single-chip designs used for the B650. The chiplet dies themselves will be produced using TSMC’s 6nm production process.

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